Aftermarket Parts

Spare Parts are available for all generations of Thermatool and Alpha equipment including vacuum tube welders, Solid State Welders, Flying Cutoffs, and heating products. Additionally, repair program capabilities are in place for many items such as HF modules, control boards, transformers, and diesets. For more information, please reach out to our Spare Parts department at 203-468-4285.

Thermatool Induction Coils

Thermatool offers a comprehensive range of induction coils, designed specifically for use with Thermatool solid-state HF induction welders. Manufactured from high conductivity copper, quality inspected and coated for long life, there are numerous types and sizes available to satisfy every application. Many of these models are available for immediate delivery from stock. Whether you are producing carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum or galvanized tubing, Thermatool has the induction coil to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive range of induction coils fully supports the entire range of Thermatool welders with power ratings from 50 kW to 2 MW and operating frequencies ranging from 150 kHz to 800 kHz and variable frequency.
For special coil requirements, Thermatool engineers are pleased to review the possibility of a custom coil design/build.

Thermatool Impeders

Thermatool offers an extensive range of impeders to satisfy a very diverse range of tube and pipe welding applications. Whether your mill produces small diameter/thin wall tubing or large diameter/heavy wall API line pipe, Thermatool supplies a complete selection for you. The proper choice of impeder, correctly installed, will play a major part in achieving maximum welding efficiency. It should also be noted that as the performance of all ferromagnetic materials is a function of temperature, it is critically important that the ferrite core is kept as cool as possible during the tube welding process. Ideally, the temperature of the coolant flowing through an impeder should not exceed 25°C. Thermatool also supplies booster pumps for these demanding applications.

Thermatool Ferrites

Modern tube mills that operate at higher line speeds have created demand for impeders that deliver superior performance. Such enhanced performance can only be achieved by using the very best ferrites available. A growing number of tube and pipe producers worldwide choose Thermatool ferrites in order to optimize the performance of their mills. Thermatool offers four different types of ferrites which can be cut to length, if required. Contact us today to learn more!

Alpha Shear Jaw Sets

Alpha jaw sets are available for the cutting of tube with diameters ranging from 10mm to 127mm. They are precision manufactured from highest quality tool steel. Their function is to accurately clamp the tube in the dieset during the high speed cutting process. In addition to providing 50% of the effective cutting surface, they also ensure that correct clearance is maintained between the jaws and the vertical blade, thus enabling the optimum cut (shear) quality to be achieved. Alpha jaws undergo complex heat treatment to ensure high wear resistance. Jaw sets can be produced to enable precision cutting of round, square and rectangular tube.

Alpha Shear Blades

Thermatool can supply both Vertical and Horizontal blades to precision cut tube of varying diameter, wall thickness, material composition and Rockwell hardness. Engineers at Thermatool utilize the latest solid edge modeling techniques to generate blade profiles which have the optimum blade geometry designed into them for a specific cutting application. Blade life and cut quality can also be optimized where blades undergo special heat treatment and/or surface coating. Please contact us for assistance on specific tube cutting requirements.

More information about these products can be found in the following Thermatool publications:

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To request copies of any of the above publications or for more information about Thermatool’s line of consumable products, please contact us or your local Thermatool Sales Representative, or call Thermatool Customer Support at 203-468-4285.